Parking Information



Buy Parking

Parking rates are subject to change. To purchase parking for the Kentucky Exposition Center, please visit ParkMobile or purchase at the entrance gates in person. Click View Options to be taken to the event listings page. Parking is sold as single-use and single-use all days. Neither of these passes provides in/out privileges. A single-use pass can be used on any of the designated days identified on the parking information page. A single-use all days pass provides a single-use pass for entry each day of the event. ADA parking locations are subject to change however, please view this map for a general overview click here.



Rideshare Details

For the most efficient access to the grounds, please use Gate 2, 4, or 6. Rideshare drivers must present proof of an active ride to be granted access onto the grounds. Please note that parking refunds will not be available in the event of a ticket purchase. If you are not a licensed taxi, hotel shuttle, show shuttle, or Uber/Lyft driver, please use the pick-up/drop-off location at 934 Phillips Ln.



RV Camping

The RV Lot is located in Lot L on the west side of the Kentucky Exposition Center (see enclosed map). When you make your reservation, a confirmation will be emailed to you, or mailed if no email address provided. All access gates are closed at 11:00pm EST. If you plan on arriving late at night, access to the facility may not be available. If that is the case, call the Security Office at (502) 367-5360 for assistance.

Additional Information

Save time by purchasing parking online! By purchasing your parking in advance, you guarantee a more seamless access to parking at the Kentucky Exposition Center. The options above allow you to purchase tickets for a single day or all event days (if multiple days exist) with one scan allowed per day. No overnight parking is allowed. Parking passes are only applicable for passenger cars / trucks only.

ParkMobile Questions

ParkMobile is the official online parking processor for the Kentucky Exposition Center and Highlands Festival Grounds. Parking is single-use and does not have in/out privileges unless noted otherwise. No overnight parking is allowed. Parking passes are only applicable for passenger cars / trucks only.

For fast answers to questions about ParkMobile account setup, billing & app support, please submit a Support Ticket or contact ParkMobile at 877-727-5457.

Ticket & Towing

No overnight parking. Park only in designated locations or areas directed by Kentucky Exposition Center staff. Vehicles parked inappropriately will be towed or ticketed. To pick up a towed vehicle and pay the fine, call 502-367-5360 or visit the Security Office between Freedom Hall and North Wing. The vehicle owner will then be driven to the on-site impound lot. To pay for a parking ticket, follow the instructions on the ticket.